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  • 05/27/2022 - Boone's Professional Events
    Our Newest Addition - 360 Photo Booth!

    Photography and videography have seen some fantastic advancements over the past few years.  From selfie sticks, to open-air photo booths, to drones, the progression in new tech marches forward!

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  • Boone's Professional Events new streamline Photo Booth showcased with a rustic barn door backdrop
    Checkout Our New Photo Booths!

    Who knew back in January of 2020, when our Boone’s Professional Events team wrote the blog post “Photo Booths Will Be Hotter Than Ever For 2020,” what the year actually had in store for us?

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  • 07/31/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    8 Tips To Giving A Wedding Toast Like A Pro

    Have you ever been to a wedding and heard a toast from the Best Man or Maid of Honor, and couldn’t wait for it to be over? Worse yet, you wanted to crawl under the chair over something they said!

    If that’s the case, then you know why we needed to write this blog post. Here are eight tips to give a wedding toast like a pro.


     #1 – Introduce Yourself

     As DJs who MC formalities at the wedding, we don’t know you, and many of the guests might not either. We introduce you by name and usually your role in the wedding, and maybe a relationship if you happen to be a sibling.

     So, the first thing to do is introduce yourself! Let the audience know your name again, and how you know the newlyweds! If you are not related to them, tell in a few words how you met and how long you have known them.


    #2 – "I had a hard time writing this"

     This is the kiss of death! You have already told guests that are going to dread the next few minutes.

     Everyone struggles a bit writing a toast that is short, sweet, and meaningful – so skip the footnote of how hard it was! Which brings us to the third important tip.


    #3 – Keep It Short, But Not Too Short

     Five minutes is the ideal time for a wedding toast.

     As MCs, when we hear that there are three ‘speeches,’ we worry. A speech lets most wedding professionals know that it will be long and throw off the timeline.

    If you, as the couple, know that someone might be long-winded, ask them to keep to five minutes, build extra time into the timeline or give them a place of honor to make their speech at the rehearsal where the timing is freer.


    #4 – Grandmother Approved

     A wedding reception usually has a wide range of personalities and ages. So, try to keep it clean, don’t tell stories that might land the person you are toasting in the doghouse and stay away from inside jokes.

     Unless your grandmother is Betty White, you probably know what we mean when we say grandmother approved.


    #5 – Smile

     You want to keep you toast positive, and you are the opening act for the rest of the night. Smile, have fun, and set the tone for a fun evening.


    #6 – "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"

     PRACTICE! Please do not go into this and decide to wing it and talk off the cuff. Write it out, or make some notes. Put it on your phone, or God forbid go old school and out in on cards written big enough to read.

     Seriously, we love keeping notes on our smartphone, but you won’t want to be staring down at your phone or holding it in front of your face the entire time.

     So, practice!


    #7 – Address The Couple


    Chances are you are related to or have known one of the partners longer than the other. While you want to talk about that person and your relationship, be sure to include something about you and both partners.

     Address them as a newly married couple. Talk about the couple’s life moving forward and how happy they look together.


    #8 – End On A High Note!

     Finish your five minutes on a positive note. Something warm and touching. A memorable quote about love or marriage, a poem about love, or just wishing them a lifetime of happiness works.

     Remember short and sweet, clean and polite, include both partners, practice, and end of something positive!


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  • 07/17/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Haircuts for Heroes!

    A month or so ago, our Boone’s Professional Events team participated in an awesome event. Haircuts for Heroes provided FREE haircuts and trims for first responders.

    Our Tampa wedding and events industry partners at Elite Events & Rentals, Amici’s Catered Cuisine and Ginger Snips provided haircuts and to-go lunches for frontline healthcare workers, first responders, and their families.


    Boone’s Professional Events

     DJ Jeff Boone, the owner of Boone’s Professional Events, provided upbeat music for this fun, socially distant outdoor event.

     Adding to the fun, DJ Justice came out and jumped in to mix for a session while DJ Jeff took advantage of a little downtime to get a much-needed haircut.

     These cool images were shared from our incredible Virtual Photo Booth – we created the digital artwork with everyone’s logos. Everyone attending was able to upload their own photos directly from their smartphone.


    More Than Just Haircuts

    Haircuts were provided by our friend Michele Renee‘s team at Ginger Snips.


    Our friends at Amici’s Catered Cuisine provided everyone with assorted sandwiches and snacks to-to, packaged to keep everyone safe.

     This fantastic event was hosted outdoors in the elite Events & Rentals parking lot, where they provided all of the partners with tables, chairs, and tents to provide us with shade- Thank You!

    Our team provided the soundtrack for the day with both some fun, upbeat background music and music for some socially distant dancing.

    Our Boone’s Professional Events team loves working with our incredible wedding and events industry partners, especially when we can give back.

    We are also excited to be working with some of these industry partners again as wedding intimate and smaller socially distant weddings are happening within local guidelines.

    Our team has availability for DJs and photo booths for upcoming weddings. We look forward to speaking with you about our availability and safety protocols.


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  • 06/19/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Have Fun and Party Safely!

    Our Boone’s Professional Events DJs take pride in the fact that we work with every couple to ensure that they and their wedding guests have a great time.

    For us, having a great time involves more than mixing awesome music; it includes facilitating introductions and toasts too.

    Safe and Sound

    Now, as the Tampa Bay area begins to reopen and we see more weddings, our job also includes doing our best to make sure everything we do keeps our couples, wedding guests, and our team comfortable, safe and healthy.

    We are checking in with our clients and venues to confirm restrictions and comply with their requests, as well as keeping up on local laws as they continue to change.

    Our Boone’s Professional Events team will continue to wear protective masks, as required by most of our local venues. We also stock hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfectant for each event.

    Mic Drop

    Microphones play a big part in making sure that your guests hear every special moment of your wedding.

    Before anyone makes a toast, offers a welcome, or gives a blessing, we check to see if they would like it wiped down before we hand over the mic. Additionally, we always work with a second wireless microphone for DJs use.

    Request Line

    As part of our planning process, couples share with us the songs they want to hear. And yes, we also get a Do Not Play list too.

    But, we also know that song requests from wedding guests happen all the time. Unfortunately, hearing wedding guests with our headphones on and working on mixing songs can get tricky and is not always socially distant.

    We’ve developed the perfect system for the post-COVID 19 system for song requests! We’ll be adding a sign to our DJ set up with a phone number for wedding guests to text us their songs requests. It’s simple, easy, and socially distant!

    Our Boone’s Professional Events is thrilled to be back celebrating with our couples and their wedding guests. We will continue to do everything we can to make sure you feel safe and have a great time.

    For more information on our upcoming availability and additional safety precautions contact out Boone’s Professional Events team at  727-475-4789 – we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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  • 05/01/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    When You Say “I Do”

    It’s not going to surprise any of you when we say that Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, and impressive outdoor wedding spaces. Our Boone’s Professional Events team provides DJs and Photo Booths for some of the most incredible outdoor weddings in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

    But, one thing we do really well, that most people miss is providing sound for wedding ceremonies. We’re there in the background with portable sound systems to ensure that your wedding guests don’t miss one single word.


    Your Vows Are To Each Other

    When you exchange your wedding vows, you take each other’s hands, look each other in the eyes, and speak those special words to each other. As long as your partner hears you, you’re golden.

    True, but especially with more and more couples writing their own wedding vows, you want to make sure that the family and friends who are there to love and support you hear those special words. Not just the family in the front row, but the people way in the back too.

    Audience Participation Is Encouraged

    A big part of personalizing your wedding day is including special people in your life, and a lot of times, this begins with your wedding ceremony. Whether you have a group reading parts of a blessing or your great aunt reading a favorite poem.

    Whatever you choose to include, you want to make sure to include a microphone so your wedding guests can hear those carefully selected verses.


    Socially Distant Sharing

    On a good day, your wedding guests hearing everything going on depends on things going on around you like beach noises, the wind, and how well your family members project.

    We’re guessing, in the future, ceremonies might be a little bit ‘roomier,’ a little extra space between seats and even between rows. So, investing in a sound system for your wedding ceremony ensures regardless of how spread out your friends are, no one will miss a word of your wedding vows.

    Be sure to talk to our Boone’s Professional Events team about the appropriate sound system options for your wedding venue and everything included in your wedding ceremony.

    Amanda and David’s Sandpearl Resort photos by Jeremy Scott Photo  



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  • 04/10/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Meet Megan Boone

    As our Boone’s Professional Events team moves forward with introducing you to our incredible team, we knew that Owner and Photobooth Coordinator Megan Boone had to be next!

    In our first introductory blog post, we started with Owner, DJ extraordinaire, and Megan’s husband, Jeff Boone. While Jeff is typically the one who is out and about, Megan is behind the scenes making sure it all comes together.

    You are bound to talk to Megan at one time or another in the course of working with our Boone’s Professional Events team.

    As we mentioned, Megan is the Photobooth Coordinator, handling bookings, scheduling, props, and our photo booth availability. But, she also handles all of the graphic design for our customizable photo strips.

    With all of that shared, we want to focus on Megan’s fun personality, family, free time. Here are some random questions we asked Megan!

    Food, Drinks and Free Time


    We kept it simple to start with and asked the same question we asked the rest of the team – If it were your last day on earth, what would your last meal be?

    "That’s a hard one because I love all types of food! But I would say some fresh grouper. One-time, Jeff went deep sea fishing and brought home some grouper that he caught. It was by far the best I ever had and could eat it every day!"

    That’s the kind of answer we expect from Megan, a native Floridian whose hometown is Oldsmar. To complete that meal, Megan picked a vodka and tonic (with extra lime) to go with her last meal.

    To keep with the questions for the rest of the team, we asked about Megan’s favorite thing to do on her day off. "There isn’t a day off in my world as a mom of four! But I love to spend time with the family. We love going to my parents’ house and spending time with them. We are very blessed to be so close to them."


    Movies, Music and Other Fun Stuff


    It might seem silly to ask a native Floridian about there favorite season. But considering that growing up, Megan was a competitive figure skater, traveled the country with popular ice shows, and trained with some of the best at two Olympic facilities in Colorado Springs and Lake Placid, New York. So we thought we’d ask.

    "I love summer as we get to travel and spend extra time with the kids!" Just as we thought, warm weather and time with the family seem to be a reoccurring theme. 

    Here are the answers to some of the fun rapid-fire questions we shared with Megan!

    If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? "Ireland or Hawaii"

    What is your all-time favorite movie?  "Big Daddy… Or anything with Adam Sandler in it."

    What is your favorite type of music? "Being married to a DJ, I tend to listen to all genres of music. My favorite is dance/pop. I love just blasting the music and having dance parties with the kids in the living room. I also like country music!"

    A Few Serious Questions


    What is your wedding background? 

    "I found my way in the industry through Jeff.  –  When we were planning our wedding in 2012, the only thing I was adamant about having was a photo booth! After doing some research in the area about photo booths, there really wasn’t one that we liked. So, we decided to add a photo booth side to the business. We started out with one booth and have grown eight booths."

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite part of your job?

    "Being part of the planning process with our clients and getting to know them! But I love it when the client gets so excited about their photo strip design. Or when a client emails after their event saying that their guests had so much fun in the photo booth. It truly makes my day!"

    Thanks for playing along with us, Megan!

    We’re so glad we could introduce you to Megan, she’s fantastic and a super important part of our Boone’s Professional Events team.


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  • 04/03/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Keeping You Safe

    Our Boone’s Professional Events family hopes that you and yours are staying safe and healthy as we continue to practice Social Distancing and the new Safer At Home regulations.

    We’re Still Here


    We are all safe and well, and doing what we can, working remotely, to help our clients with postponing events and moving dates wherever we can.

    At the same time, we know there are recently engaged couples and businesses who are anxious to keep their planning moving forward for fall and 2021 dates.

    Our team is diligently working to respond to inquiries and follow up with information and availability.

    Make A Plan, Work A Plan


    Our incredible photo booths are a huge part of our Boone’s Professional Events’ popularity in the Tampa Bay and Orlando wedding and events scene.

    And with that, we have always had procedures and precautions in place to keep our valued clients safe. After each event, our fantastic photobooth attendants sanitize all of our equipment and disinfect all of our props.

    When the time comes for us to take everything out of storage and once again provide fun and memories for your family, friends, and clients, we will be continuing to keep this practice in place and even more mindful of your safety.

    We know that our fun, unique props are part of the guest experience. In addition to the precautions, we already have in place are exploring the option of offering you single-use props that your guests will use and take with them or dispose of them.

    Hey, Mr. DJ!


    Our DJs will be hard at work too, working behind the scenes with existing clients to assist them with playlists and song selections.

    For the most part, our DJs are heard but not seen. We are typically working in the background to make sure that your guests can hear your wedding vows, that your Honor Attendants can be heard while making their toasts and that we keep the dancefloor packed.

     Our DJs will be making sure that all of our equipment is wiped down and sanitized as it is shipped off and set up for your upcoming event.

    With all that said, we’re here for you. We are keeping you and your families in our thoughts and prayers. We are fielding calls and emails to help you navigate your changes or plan an upcoming event, and we’ll be here to make sure our equipment is safe and sanitized.


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  • 03/13/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Cut The Cake

    As DJs who work with a lot of couples planning weddings, our Boone’s Professional Events team is pretty sure that with all of your wedding planning, you probably haven’t thought about a song for when you cut your wedding cake.

    Of course not, you’re too busy picking your favorite cake flavors and designing your wedding cake.

    Truthfully, for most couples, they don’t realize they NEED to pick a song for the cake cutting.

    Why Have a Cake Cutting Song?


    It’s pretty simple. Have you ever been in a building and noticed they were playing "elevator music"? Probably not – until you ride in an elevator where it’s so quiet that it’s creepy.

    Something as basic as a song for your cake cutting keeps the reception flowing. Dead Air is not your friend.

    Cake cutting, itself is pretty quick and easy. But the ‘stuff’ that surrounds it takes some time.

    The wedding guests all have to gather, the photographer wants to make sure you are at the right angle and get a few photos before your guests start snapping away. Three to four minutes of dead air feels like a lifetime.

    Picking A Song


    Picking a song isn’t all that tough; you probably heard something at a wedding you have attended and thought ‘oh that’s cute’ – and you never think about it again until someone asks you what song you want.

    Most times couples are picking songs just because they have cake, sugar or sweet in the title or the lyrics.

    You don’t have to know who the 1960’s group The Archies are to know their song "Sugar, Sugar". The same goes for the group Average White Band and "Cut The Cake".

    You can probably add "Cake By The Ocean" to that list too.

     Top Cake Cutting Songs


    We polled our Boone’s Professional Events team of DJs for the number one most requested cake cutting song and the survey said: "Marry You" by Bruno Mars!

    Not necessarily a sugary sweet, cake song, but definitely a fun, upbeat wedding song perfect for the occasion.

    Recently, The Knot compiled a list cake cutting songs with "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor taking the number one spot.

    Check out their 15 Sweet Songs to Play During Your Cake Cutting

    Cake cutting songs are fun, light and keep us from having four minutes of dead air. So, don’t overthink it… just picking something fun!

    Speaking of fun, another great song is the Maroon 5 hit song "Sugar"  – we love their video for the song where they crash weddings all over LA!


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  • 02/28/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    To Play Or Not To Play?

    Sometimes what you don’t play at your wedding can be just as important as what you play. And, our Boone’s Professional Events team works with our couples to make sure that they really think about both lists.

    Push Play


    Your playlist takes some thought because a good bit of it is very personal.

    This portion involves music for your introduction, first dance, parent dances, bouquet, and garter if you are including those, your cake cutting and the last song of the night.

    While part of this list might be ‘your song’, something your mom or dad specifically asks for or your party jam; your DJ can walk you through some of the ideas for your specific events.

    Filling The Dance Floor


    The rest of your playlist is always the most challenging.

    Did you know that after all of the special dances, toasts, and dinner you actually have about enough time at your wedding reception for about 25-28 songs?

    DJs see couples giving them a list of 40 to 50 songs – so the question becomes which ones are really important to you?

    The other challenge is: the songs the two of you put on your Must Play list while sitting on the sofa, watching NCIS, on a Tuesday night are not the same songs that pack the dance floor.



    Beats Per Minute – your Must Play list probably has a really, really wide range of BPM, putting the tempo of the music all over the place.

    Sometimes, not picking all of the music is the smartest thing you can do.

    Your DJ is trained to be able to read the crowd. They will open up the dance floor on a high note, follow what genre gets people up and dancing, slow things down a little bit before things like cake cutting and end the night with a packed dance floor.

    Talk to you DJ about a few favorite Must Play songs with special meaning and then give us a list of some of your favorite musicians or genres and let the DJ read the crowd and mix in the music that gets people moving.

    What NOT To Play


    Yes, having a Do Not Play list is important – but don’t drive yourself crazy.

    If his exes name was Caroline, you might want to add Sweet Caroline to your list. But beyond that only put songs in the list that are really painful for you.

    Too often songs like Cupid Shuffle make the list, not for any special reason, but that line dance type of song often gets people of a certain age up and dancing. 

    Special Requests


    We know that throughout the evening wedding guests will come up to the DJ and request a song.

    Rest assured that if that song is on your Do Not Play list we will delicately steer away from it. We also do the same with songs that might be played for a special moment later in the evening or something that might not be ‘grandmother approved."

    Grandmother Approved


    Weddings include a really wide range of ages and musical tastes – grandmother approved refers to those songs with some questionable lyrics.

    They are often the ones where the tempo and instrumentals sound like something to get people moving. But when you really look at the words you would probably not want your grandmother to hear this song at your wedding.

    At the end of the day, trust your DJ. Our Boone’s Professional Events team is here to guide you through the process. We are always happy to answer questions, make suggestions and read the party to keep guests engaged.

    Call our office at 727-475-4789 to discuss your upcoming wedding or event and how our team will make your day a huge success.

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  • 02/14/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Your Father – Daughter Dance

    Our Boone’s Professional Events team really enjoys being DJ and MC for hundreds of our Tampa and Orlando weddings, and one of our favorite moments of these weddings is the father-daughter dance.

    This three to five minute period of a four-hour wedding reception is often the most memorable.

    Top Father Daughter Dance Songs


    Picking just the right song can be as hard as picking your favorite flavor of wedding cake, you want it to be absolutely perfect.

    Recently the wedding website "Brides" listed their 60 best Father-Daughter Dance songs for this touching moment.

    Here are their Top 5 Songs

    1. "Sweet Pea," by Amos Lee
    2. "How Sweet It Is," by James Taylor
    3. "Come Fly With Me," by Frank Sinatra
    4. "Times of Your Life," by Paul Anka
    5. "Unforgettable," by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole

    My Two Dads


    For some brides, family dynamics may include a dad and step-dad, who are both involved in her life.  Doing or not doing a father-daughter dance can be a tough decision. It’s OK, you are not alone. Here are a few tips to make this moment easier and special for everyone.

    For some brides, selecting one song and starting with one dad and partway through having the second dad tap in works well. For others, it might be more comfortable to pick one special song for each of the men in your life.

    There are no wrong answers. You know your family dynamics and those relationships best, so do what feels right for you.

    The Toughest Day Ever


    Unfortunately, for some brides who have lost their fathers, the thought of a father-daughter dance breaks their hearts.

    Some great options for brides who have lost their father might be a special dance with your mother or a brother or uncle who you have a close relationship with. We have even seen a dance where the bride danced with five men who were all influential in her life.  We also saw another where the bride included a slideshow of her dad’s photos in the background.

    Whatever your situation, picking a sound that touches your heart will make this a special wedding moment.

    Be sure to talk to our Boone’s Professional Events team about how to create a memorable moment for your Father-Daughter dance!


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  • 01/31/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Meet Tampa DJ: Jeff Boone

    Our Boone’s Professional Events team is looking forward to introducing you to our team members. We know that sharing a little more about the team invites you into our world and helps us make connections with our clients.

    There is no better place to start than with our fearless leader and owner Jeff Boone who is also an incredible DJ.

    Jeff is a rare breed in this area, a native Floridian from Clearwater.

    He founded Boone’s Professional Events in 2005 and has expanded DJ services to include sound systems, lighting, and photo booths for weddings and events.  We offer our amazing services in both the Tampa and Orlando markets.

    We thought it would be fun to go outside of the world of photo booths and DJ and ask him some random questions about life.

     Food, Drinks and Free Time


    We asked Jeff what his last meal on earth would be and he picked a Tomahawk Steak. "It’s HUGE and delicious." And, we were not surprised when he also picked a beer; Jeff enjoys brewing beer when he has a little free time. 

    We know that Jeff’s schedule keeps him really busy and that in his free time, he likes to relax and spend time with his family and their Mini Australian Shepherd, Pepper.

    So, his answer came as no surprise that when we asked Jeff where he would go on vacation if money were no object. His response – "a family RV trip to see the country. We want our kids to experience and see this beautiful country".


    Giving Back


    Operating a growing business and spending time with family would keep most people pretty busy. But still, Jeff still finds the time to be actively involved in the local wedding and events industry.

    Jeff currently serves as one of the co-directors of the Association of  Bridal Consultants, Central Florida West Local Networking Group. Jeff assists in planning educational programs and networking events for wedding professionals across the Tampa Bay region.

    Before taking on that role, Jeff was very active in the Tampa Bay Area chapter of the National Association of Catering & Events, serving terms as the chapter’s Secretary, Treasurer, 1st VP of Programs, as well as President.

    Jeff has certainly come a long way since he accidentally found his way into DJing when a local restaurant asked him to DJ their New Year’s Eve party!

    Work and Music


    Jeff’s music tastes seem to be pretty wide-ranging, hearing so many types of music professionally, what he listens to in his free time often depends on his mood. and what he’s doing.

    A day filled with working around the house is often to the sounds of good old Rock N Roll!

    Last but certainly not least, we asked Jeff what his favorite part of his job was.

    "Having the ability to be a part of folks special day is very rewarding to me. I really love to see and be a part of the special bond that a wedding is. There are so many moments that I can take home and appreciate."

    We cannot wait to introduce you to the rest of our Boone’s Professional Events team!

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  • Tampa Photo Booths - Orlando Photo booths - photo booths for weddings in Tampa - photo booths for weddings in Orlando - photo booth for Tampa corporate events - photo booths for Orlando corporate events
    01/17/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    When The Party Is Over

    If you have ever been at an event with one of our Boone’s Professional Events photo booths, you know exactly how much fun they are.

    Regardless of age, everyone is grabbing some of the props {included at no charge} and jumping in front of the camera.

    Last Song of The Night


     At many of the events across Central Florida, when the party is over, all you have left are the memories.

     With our Open Style Photo Booths, your guests walk away with more than just a memory.

     Our photo booths offer you as the host the opportunity to share the memories with everyone, long after the party is over.

    How Would You Like It?


    Our team offers custom printed photo strips tailored to your event.

    While a majority of events request a standard 2″ x 4″ photo strip, our Boone’s Professional Events team can also offer you a larger 4″ x 6″ option.

    We also include your name or event name and date in a choice of colors printed on each photo strip.

    Photos strips are available with just one image or as many as four images, as the host, you decide what you want.

    Photos can be printed in color, black and white or sepia for that antique look.

     The Gangs All Here


    You get a photo and you get a photo and you get a photo!

    There is no need to go home empty-handed. Our open photo booth printers can print one photo strip for each person in the photo, so everyone is part of the fun.


    Going Digital


    You and your guests are also able to access your event photos 24 hours a day! Pictures from your event’s photo booth are online within one week of your event. Guaranteed!

    Everyone can see themselves and everyone else at the party. The online viewing site also offers you the opportunity to order your favorite photo on everything from a button to a magnet or any number of keepsake items.

    More Fun


    You can also add a scrapbook package to your photo booth!

    Your photo booth attendant simply prints an additional photo strip and mounts it into a scrapbook, then your family and friends can write a special message.

     By then end of the night, you have a complete book of all the fun.

     Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

    Contact our Boone’s Professional Events team to find out more about availability and options for your fabulous photo booth!

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  • 01/03/2020 - Sales and Marketing
    Photo Booths Will Be Hotter Than Ever For 2020!

    Photobooths are hotter than ever for 2020, with advances in technology and connectivity to social media platforms, Boone’s Professional Events photobooths are in demand across the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

    Our Action Booths are incredibly popular, offering both Gif and Boomerang photos with social media services. Guests love the live view and digital props.

    These booths come with online photo access, customized photo strips, and optional printing services.

    "The photo booth strips were fully customizable and we opted for the scrapbook service with them that made it a cherished memory of all our guests too! Jeff and staff did a wonderful job from start to finish for our wedding." – Nicole


    Our Reflection Booth – known to most people as the Magic Mirror – is a blast regardless of the type of event you may be hosting.

    From corporate events, weddings, Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras and birthday parties, the mirror view and touch screen will have your guests playing dress up and striking a pose.

     Our fun, engaging photo booth attendants and props will keep the party going with hours and hours of fun.

     "Loved Boone’s Magic Mirror Photobooth. This was a HUGE hit at my wedding. Plenty of available props and the Guestbook they made for me was awesome!" – Brianna


    Sometimes intimate weddings and events make it hard for guests to mix and mingle. But, photo booths bring out the kid in everyone.

    It only takes one or two people jumping in and then sharing their photo strips and shortly everyone is joining in on the fun.

    "Guests loved the photo booth (it was always packed, even though we had a small 80 person wedding)."  – Alana


    Customizable photo strips not only create a great fun way for your guests to remember your event, but they can be used to create an incredible guest book filled with interactive, silly and memorable images of your family, friends or employees.

    "Boone’s professional events did a GREAT job with our wedding photo booth and guest book. We actually decided to forgo our traditional guest book and just did the photo booth version and it was SO much fun. The guests really enjoyed the added activity at the wedding, the props are all in great shape and the staff is super professional. Highly recommended for your wedding!" – Kim


    Whether you are considering a photo booth for your event or pairing it with our amazing DJ, Audio Visual or Lighting Services, a photo booth is sure to create an experience your guests will be talking about for months to come.

    We cannot wait to hear from you! Contact our team to talk about your upcoming event and the photo booths that will have your crowd cheering!

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  • 10/09/2017 - booneproevents
    Check out our Reflection Booth! aka mirror booth

    Check out our hottest photo booth!  Reflection Booth!  aka Mirror Booth.

    This booth is the "Must have" piece for all corporate, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary, Reunions or Weddings!  

    The touch scrren mirror acts exactly like a photo booth, except you get to look at your self while the session is happening!  Our reflection booth also will print out a photo strip for everybody in the session.  It will even talk to you through the mirror to let you know how the session is going.  

    Don’t wait till it’s too late!  Call or e-mail us today to book your Mirror Booth for your next party!


    Serving Orlando and Tampa Bay Markets

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  • 10/05/2017 - booneproevents
    We have been Featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay!

    It’s a great honor to have one of our favorite weddings featured!  

    Boone’s Professional Events provided DJ for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception & Photo Booth services. 

    Thank you Danielle & Ryan for having us be a part of your special day at Ruth Eckerd Hall!

    Click on the photo to check out the Marry Me Tampa Bay Article.


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  • 09/27/2017 - booneproevents
    Pier 22 Venue Reveal!

    We had a great time at Pier 22’s Venue Reveal!  

    What a beautiful venue for a Party or Wedding Reception!  The refresh really takes Pier 22 to the next level!

    Thank you Pier 22 for having us be a part of your special event!  

    Boone’s Professional Events provided our Mirror Booth!  If you are looking for something different and exciting!  Call in today to book your Mirror Booth for your next party!

    Click on the pic and Check out some of the fun folks had at Pier 22!



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  • 07/27/2017 - booneproevents
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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