When You Say “I Do”

It’s not going to surprise any of you when we say that Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, and impressive outdoor wedding spaces. Our Boone’s Professional Events team provides DJs and Photo Booths for some of the most incredible outdoor weddings in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

But, one thing we do really well, that most people miss is providing sound for wedding ceremonies. We’re there in the background with portable sound systems to ensure that your wedding guests don’t miss one single word.


Your Vows Are To Each Other

When you exchange your wedding vows, you take each other’s hands, look each other in the eyes, and speak those special words to each other. As long as your partner hears you, you’re golden.

True, but especially with more and more couples writing their own wedding vows, you want to make sure that the family and friends who are there to love and support you hear those special words. Not just the family in the front row, but the people way in the back too.

Audience Participation Is Encouraged

A big part of personalizing your wedding day is including special people in your life, and a lot of times, this begins with your wedding ceremony. Whether you have a group reading parts of a blessing or your great aunt reading a favorite poem.

Whatever you choose to include, you want to make sure to include a microphone so your wedding guests can hear those carefully selected verses.


Socially Distant Sharing

On a good day, your wedding guests hearing everything going on depends on things going on around you like beach noises, the wind, and how well your family members project.

We’re guessing, in the future, ceremonies might be a little bit ‘roomier,’ a little extra space between seats and even between rows. So, investing in a sound system for your wedding ceremony ensures regardless of how spread out your friends are, no one will miss a word of your wedding vows.

Be sure to talk to our Boone’s Professional Events team about the appropriate sound system options for your wedding venue and everything included in your wedding ceremony.

Amanda and David’s Sandpearl Resort photos by Jeremy Scott Photo