Photo Booths Will Be Hotter Than Ever For 2020!

Photobooths are hotter than ever for 2020, with advances in technology and connectivity to social media platforms, Boone’s Professional Events photobooths are in demand across the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

Our Action Booths are incredibly popular, offering both Gif and Boomerang photos with social media services. Guests love the live view and digital props.

These booths come with online photo access, customized photo strips, and optional printing services.

"The photo booth strips were fully customizable and we opted for the scrapbook service with them that made it a cherished memory of all our guests too! Jeff and staff did a wonderful job from start to finish for our wedding." – Nicole


Our Reflection Booth – known to most people as the Magic Mirror – is a blast regardless of the type of event you may be hosting.

From corporate events, weddings, Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras and birthday parties, the mirror view and touch screen will have your guests playing dress up and striking a pose.

 Our fun, engaging photo booth attendants and props will keep the party going with hours and hours of fun.

 "Loved Boone’s Magic Mirror Photobooth. This was a HUGE hit at my wedding. Plenty of available props and the Guestbook they made for me was awesome!" – Brianna


Sometimes intimate weddings and events make it hard for guests to mix and mingle. But, photo booths bring out the kid in everyone.

It only takes one or two people jumping in and then sharing their photo strips and shortly everyone is joining in on the fun.

"Guests loved the photo booth (it was always packed, even though we had a small 80 person wedding)."  – Alana


Customizable photo strips not only create a great fun way for your guests to remember your event, but they can be used to create an incredible guest book filled with interactive, silly and memorable images of your family, friends or employees.

"Boone’s professional events did a GREAT job with our wedding photo booth and guest book. We actually decided to forgo our traditional guest book and just did the photo booth version and it was SO much fun. The guests really enjoyed the added activity at the wedding, the props are all in great shape and the staff is super professional. Highly recommended for your wedding!" – Kim


Whether you are considering a photo booth for your event or pairing it with our amazing DJ, Audio Visual or Lighting Services, a photo booth is sure to create an experience your guests will be talking about for months to come.

We cannot wait to hear from you! Contact our team to talk about your upcoming event and the photo booths that will have your crowd cheering!


12/28/2021 by Amy Saunders

Hmm.. you know what? I've to attest to your remark that photo booths allow guests and visitors to loosen up themselves and enjoy the occasion. I've been assigned to organize some engaging activities for our company's open day next week. I'll keep this tip in mind so the end result will be satisfactory later.

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03/21/2022 by Amy Saunders

Yup, there's definitely no way for me to deny all the things you mentioned about how we can simply personalize a photo booth according to the type of our event. My neighbor's granddaughter is going to have her quinceañera next month and she wants the venue to be filled with fun activities. I'll show this article to her so she can ask her parents to make a proper reservation later.

04/01/2022 by 바카라사이트

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