Meet Megan Boone

As our Boone’s Professional Events team moves forward with introducing you to our incredible team, we knew that Owner and Photobooth Coordinator Megan Boone had to be next!

In our first introductory blog post, we started with Owner, DJ extraordinaire, and Megan’s husband, Jeff Boone. While Jeff is typically the one who is out and about, Megan is behind the scenes making sure it all comes together.

You are bound to talk to Megan at one time or another in the course of working with our Boone’s Professional Events team.

As we mentioned, Megan is the Photobooth Coordinator, handling bookings, scheduling, props, and our photo booth availability. But, she also handles all of the graphic design for our customizable photo strips.

With all of that shared, we want to focus on Megan’s fun personality, family, free time. Here are some random questions we asked Megan!

Food, Drinks and Free Time


We kept it simple to start with and asked the same question we asked the rest of the team – If it were your last day on earth, what would your last meal be?

"That’s a hard one because I love all types of food! But I would say some fresh grouper. One-time, Jeff went deep sea fishing and brought home some grouper that he caught. It was by far the best I ever had and could eat it every day!"

That’s the kind of answer we expect from Megan, a native Floridian whose hometown is Oldsmar. To complete that meal, Megan picked a vodka and tonic (with extra lime) to go with her last meal.

To keep with the questions for the rest of the team, we asked about Megan’s favorite thing to do on her day off. "There isn’t a day off in my world as a mom of four! But I love to spend time with the family. We love going to my parents’ house and spending time with them. We are very blessed to be so close to them."


Movies, Music and Other Fun Stuff


It might seem silly to ask a native Floridian about there favorite season. But considering that growing up, Megan was a competitive figure skater, traveled the country with popular ice shows, and trained with some of the best at two Olympic facilities in Colorado Springs and Lake Placid, New York. So we thought we’d ask.

"I love summer as we get to travel and spend extra time with the kids!" Just as we thought, warm weather and time with the family seem to be a reoccurring theme. 

Here are the answers to some of the fun rapid-fire questions we shared with Megan!

If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? "Ireland or Hawaii"

What is your all-time favorite movie?  "Big Daddy… Or anything with Adam Sandler in it."

What is your favorite type of music? "Being married to a DJ, I tend to listen to all genres of music. My favorite is dance/pop. I love just blasting the music and having dance parties with the kids in the living room. I also like country music!"

A Few Serious Questions


What is your wedding background? 

"I found my way in the industry through Jeff.  –  When we were planning our wedding in 2012, the only thing I was adamant about having was a photo booth! After doing some research in the area about photo booths, there really wasn’t one that we liked. So, we decided to add a photo booth side to the business. We started out with one booth and have grown eight booths."

And last but not least, what’s your favorite part of your job?

"Being part of the planning process with our clients and getting to know them! But I love it when the client gets so excited about their photo strip design. Or when a client emails after their event saying that their guests had so much fun in the photo booth. It truly makes my day!"

Thanks for playing along with us, Megan!

We’re so glad we could introduce you to Megan, she’s fantastic and a super important part of our Boone’s Professional Events team.



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